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Calendar Blocks, Rich Text, and a Smoother Editing Experience

Justin Woodbridge

October 5th, 2020

Calendar Blocks

Wire up temporal fields to calendar blocks and let users interact with time directly in your note! Check it out in action with this analysis of Trevor's Strava activities over the years.

A More Stable Note Editor

Isaac has been grinding on improving the stability of the note editor, knocking out way too many bugs to list here. Overall, it should be a lot more stable and smooth for you!

We've also been rounding it out with all the essential formatting options you'd expect: lists, blockquotes, and more.

Other updates and Changes

  • Redesigned the block menu
  • Fixed auto-updating crash (hopefully the last time!)
  • Significantly improved drag and drop UX in the note editor
  • Fixed email sign in silently failing
  • Fixed weird default window size in the Mac build
  • Toasts are now fully dismissible
  • We have a fresh design for Bayes Cloud coming your way soon, along with the new explore side design